Uncompromising, polarizing, cutting-edge … Vocalist 1EON and producer KRY2 are different. Different from the world, different from one another. 1EON is a genuine arsonist of stages in the triangle of Cologne, LA and Kabul while KRY2 is a doctor for bio-genomics working in the abyss of the Red Sea. What unites them and makes them connect with the world is their music:

Drum’n’Bass vs. Rap vs. Metal

And their virus is catching on: sun*mb’s debut album “Lyfe’s a Crusade” (LC13123) sold well in the thousands in Japan and offspringed fanclubs in NYC over Latin America to deepest Russia. Their upcoming album “[:forverts:]” plays on the German word for “go / onward” and reflects this gifted duo’s mindset: relentless action all the way !

Trust sunb*mb:
it’s all in the music, all in the lyrics, all in the beats, and all in their lives.

sunb*mb: it’s not a band, it’s an attitude.
1EON & KRY2 live it, love it, feel it, fuck it – do you?

sunb*mb [:forverts:] – the listener must be disturbed!
Now press play. ***

1EON – vox & biz

Mostly, people either love or hate me – sometimes both at the same time. That’s exactly where I wanna be at with my muzIQ as well. I’m a pit bull at heart. Basically I’m a nice guy from next doors but you don’t want to read my thoughts, baby.
I’m into music that hurts, all kinds. “In the truest moments, songs like microbes – without intent, without brains – use people”. (Geil Marcus); well, today’s r’n’b is pretty damn worthless… My lyrics are my outlet. I write them down as they blurt out spontaneously and never set to change them afterwards. sunb*mb is exorcizing myself.

KRY2 – music & programming

motto: “you have to think anyway, so why don t you think big” / i am: good at winnin, bad at loosin – wanna see, try, experience everything. i would call myself a child of the digital generation: if i can’t put it in or out of the computer , fuck it 🙂 . i am into sunb*mb because i believe in what we are doing, the music we’re creating!


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